3 Skills Great Video Editors Have

The good news: you can learn all three!

Emily Olson
2 min readFeb 7, 2024

86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, highlighting the critical role great video editors now play in today’s digital landscape.

I’ve been editing videos for the past 10 years on YouTube, and one thing I’ve learned is that to be a successful video editor, it takes (a lot) more than just knowing how to use editing software.

You need to have a certain set of skills that set you apart from the rest. Here are three skills that great video editors possess, whether they consciously practice it or not:

1. Attention to Detail

Video editing requires ridiculous attention to detail.

Even cutting a single frame too soon can change the rhythm of a moment, potentially making or breaking a scene. It’s also about spotting errors that others might miss.

The encouraging part? This skill improves with practice. Over time, you’ll get better at noticing the subtle elements of an edit, enhancing your work’s overall quality with each edit you create.

Takeaway: Sharpening your attention to detail is a gradual process. Aim to refine this skill with each project you undertake. 🎬

2. Creativity

Video editing is a creative process, and great video editors are artists in their own right.

They have a vision for the final product and can bring it to life through their editing skills. They understand how sound and visuals work together to create an emotional impact on the viewer. They also have the ability to take raw footage and turn it into a compelling story.

Creativity is innate in us all, but it must also be nurtured through practice, self-confidence, and giving yourself rest.

Takeaway: Creativity is what sets great video editors apart from the rest. Take time to nurture your creativity like you would a budding flower. 🌹

3. Time Management

Time management for a video editor means being efficient in the editing process, knowing when to cut corners without sacrificing quality.

Great video editors understand that time is money. They don’t let little things slow them down. They are good at choosing the right editing moves instinctively (with ease and flow) so they don’t get slowed down by choice fatigue.

Takeaway: Managing your time well means using your resources you have efficiently. Avoid overthinking or second guessing while editing.👩🏼‍💻

Great video editors possess a combination of:
— technical skills (practicing on your editing software)
—creative skills (nurturing your creative juices)
— along with solid time management abilities (ability to execute on a timeline).

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