3 Ways to Speed Up Workflow in Final Cut Pro *Edit Faster*

The first tip alone will save you 100s of hours of editing 🤦🏼‍♀️

Rendering files in Final Cut can make your computer sound like an airplane. Your computer works incredibly hard when it renders, so save that for the last step once you’ve finalized your project. Turn off background rendering by going to Preferences (pictured below) and turning off Background Render.

Screenshots of Final Cut Pro X

Then, when you’re ready to render, you can do it all at once using (Control + Shift + R) or go to Modify ➡️ Render All.

This one might seem obvious, but it can seriously slow down your edit if you’re multi-tasking and your computer is working on something else while your in Final Cut Pro. I’ve found apps like Google Chrome make a major difference in how hard the computer has to work. This is important because if your computer is having to cool itself down a lot, that is where it starts to lag and drop frames…and frustration rises.

This one is easy and saves you tons of time when you’re accessing your effects, transitions, sounds, and text, and finding yourself changing the screen around, only to lose your favorite “view”. No more! Simply save your workspace and create custom workspaces for any type of video. For example, I have different workspaces for multi-cam and single cam projects. To save your own workspace views, go to Window ➡️ Workspaces ➡️ Save Workspace As… and choose a name for your new workspace. *visual gif below*

Then, forever after, to access your different workspaces, go to Window ➡️ Workspaces ➡️ and select the workspace you’d like to view. *visual gif below*

That’s it! Happy *faster* editing! Let me know if you have Final Cut Pro questions I’m happy to answer. 🎬



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