4 New AI Video Editing Tools That Are Changing The Game

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As a YouTube video editor, turnaround times are tight and I am always trying to find ways to save time,

so I can focus on more creative aspects of editing.

Here are 4 new AI video editing tools that will help you:

  • cut out tedious tasks
  • collapse editing time, &
  • save creative energy

from import to export, to upload! 🎬

You can finally remove the background from any video instantly… for free!

You used to spend hours manually cutting out and key-framing a subject… but now you can use Unscreen, it’s done in minutes. Unscreen is much more accurate than other tools I’ve tried in the past (I’ve tried many)!

No green screen needed, cut out and isolate any object in the video instantly!

The “Magic Effects” in RunwayML allow you to “inpaint” or remove any object from a video in an instant.

This wasn’t possible before without LOTS of time spent on each frame.

How? It actually replaces the erased object by filling it in with AI pixels. 🤯 Other AI features I love at RunwayML are an accurate background remover and AI motion tracker.

RunwayML is a step up from Unscreen if you’re looking for more AI features, templates, and to edit in a web browser!

You can edit an entire video in Veed.io, but I like it most for the AI captioning!

It’s actually so accurate and fast that I like to edit my captions in Veed, and then export them for YouTube. It also offers unique customization and animation options for text on screen which I love for vertical videos that live on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram Reels.

These are features I haven’t seen anywhere else!

I know what you’re thinking..how can chatGPT help with video editing?

ChatGPT can help you most:

  • right before you film,
  • right after you Upload, &
  • right before you press Publish

In short, it can help you with video ideas and optimize your SEO.

Ask chatGPT to help you optimize your title, write your description box, organize and suggest tags for your video. You can also ask it to pitch you new video ideas in your niche, making the pre-production brainstorming stage easier.

With these tools at our fingertips, the editing process can become less of a grind, and more of a creative journey!



Video Editor & Creator www.EllevonEditing.com

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