5 Doubts EVERY YouTuber Has

For the past 8 years, I have not only edited videos for myself, but for a variety of clients in various niches. I’ve observed that no matter what you create, we all have the same self-doubts, aimed at sabotaging our progress and ability to show up. Here are the most common thoughts I’ve experienced myself and what I’ve seen my clients deal with:

1. “I don’t have any video ideas”🤷‍♀️

How to Remedy This Thought: Create a list of video ideas and ALSO create bullet points for each point you want to make in your video, so you not only have a video idea, but a video outline. Then, when you go to choose what video you want to film, you have the entire video outline already done for you. Plus, if you can’t come up with a few points to outline your video, you can usually tell it’s not that solid of a video idea in the first place. This process is a sure-fire way to have great video ideas that have substance and create value.

2. “I look bad today…I’m having a bad hair day!” 💇‍♀️

How to Remedy This Thought: This sentiment comes from our old friend perfectionism! And drumroll…it’s not true! Every time a client apologizes for “having weird hair that day” or “my skin looks bad,” I legitimately can never tell. I would have never noticed…because other people are NOT as scrutinizing as we are to ourselves. We are our worst critics, and we have to stop! No one notices if your hair isn’t perfect, and no one cares! The people who find things to pick apart always will, and the rest don’t care. Try to refocus on the substance and value you’re creating versus how you look and your focus will be much more productive. We are NOT supposed to look perfect anyways! There is no such thing. *reminder to myself too*

3. “My voice sounds weird.” 🫤

How to Remedy This Thought: I haven’t met a person yet who loves how they sound on the phone, on video, or any type of recording. We don’t like watching ourselves back, and it’s just a human thing. So don’t feel alone in your aversion to watching your own content, or hearing your voice. You’re doing nothing wrong, and your voice sounds normal! Again, we are our worst critics and for some reason it comes out usually in the form of not liking how we “sound”. But just know everyone feels that way, and don’t let it stop you from creating.

4. “This edit is not good enough.” 🤔

How to Remedy This Thought: This one, as a video editor, I experience all the time. In fact, up until I’ve edited a video to about the 90% mark, I frequently feel this way …and then some magical energy runs through the edit and then it comes together last second. It’s odd that I lose my confidence so far into the edit, only to be rescued by the last 10%, but that’s part of the creative process! Don’t let doubt allow you to abandon (or re-film) a video just because you don’t like how it’s turning out in the editing room. I challenge you to keep going and finish the video, and I bet you’ll love how it turns out in the end. It’s weird, but it works!

5. “No one is going to like this video.” 😔

How to Remedy This Thought: You just put hours and hours into filming and editing…and now you don’t think anyone will watch or care! This thought is harmful because you don’t need others approval to post content. You just need to approve of yourself. The truth is: you can’t tell what content will perform well, and the best thing you can do is to keep consistently creating anyways. Even when you have self-doubt.

Do you notice how all of these limiting beliefs are aimed at stopping your creative expression by filling you with self-doubt?!

I’m here to tell you you need to push through and create anyways. Remember: these are thoughts that every creator wrestles with, and if you push through anyways, you will eventually succeed. Right on the other side of doubt is where the fruit lies. Keep going, keep creating, and take heart in knowing that we all go through periods of self-doubt. But don’t let it stop you!

If you have ever had any of these thoughts, take it as a sign that you’re on the right track! 😊



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