7 Creative Video Editing Tips for Vlogs

Emily Olson
2 min readFeb 23, 2023

Are you ready to make your mark on the vlogging world, but not sure where to start?

Then it’s time to step up your editing game!

I’ve been editing vlogs on YouTube for nearly 10 years, here are some insider tips and tricks for creating vlogs that stand out.

1. Use (But Don’t Overuse) Jump Cuts

Jump cuts are cuts between two shots of the same subject, but with a small difference in position, angle, or expression.

Use jump cuts to keep the pace of your video moving quickly and to remove any unnecessary pauses. Basically, cut anything that doesn’t move the story along).

Be careful not to overuse them!

2. Instead of Talking About It, Show It

Use b-roll whenever you can.

If you’re just talking to camera, try to cutaway to shots of what you’re talking about.

Quick Filming Tip: Record b-roll in 60FPS so you can slow it down in the edit. Slow motion shots make normal footage look more cinematic!

3. Text On-Screen Helps the Audience

Use text overlays or graphics for main characters in your vlog, or for locations (cutting out any specific locations obvi).

You might feel this is not necessary, but this helps the viewer the most -it helps the viewer see another dimension of the story, and makes it easier to consume and digest.

4. Sprinkle in Music Montages to Pace

Use music to create montages that move the story along!

Even 5–7 second music montages, interspersed throughout the video 3x, adds more rhythm and keeps the pace going.

5. Stick to 5–7 Minutes in Length

Generally, edit vlogs down to 5–7 minutes in length, and more , under 10 minutes is ideal.

Obviously there will be outliers, so find the length that works for you!

6. If The Vlog Sounds Cohesive, The Story Can Be Too

When filming a vlog, it’s likely that you’ll shoot footage in multiple locations or environments, and each of these scenes may have different levels of ambient noise or audio quality.

To create a consistent audio experience, adjust volume levels during editing to balance the sound and avoid peaking.

Cohesive sound is a subtle trick that enhances the storytelling, helping viewers stay immersed in the content without being distracted by jarring or inconsistent audio.

7. Don’t Cut Your Personality Out

I know I said to “cut anything that doesn’t move the story along”, but don’t cut one thing: your unique personality.

Your “vibe” is truly why people are watching, and they want to see your perspective on things. Letting your personality shine through is what sets you apart.

So don’t be afraid to show your quirks, your sense of humor, or your personal anecdotes — these are the things that make your vlogs memorable and enjoyable!