9 Tips to Easily Turn Your Videos Into YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are YouTube’s latest move to keep up with TikTok and Reels, we all know this.

And they’re definitely seeing early (massive) results: Google said in it’s latest earnings call that Shorts are driving 50 billion views daily.

“I love creating long-form videos for YouTube, but I also want to post Shorts, but I want to keep shooting long-form.” 😆

Can I do both?


First keep in mind that Shorts should be:

  • Length: Under 1 minute, but the sweet spot is 25–45 seconds
  • Dimensions/Aspect Ratio: 1080x1920
  1. Create a new project using the Dimensions above,
  2. Copy and Paste clips you want to use from your widescreen version to your short version.
  3. Only pick the most interesting clips. String them together to keep a good pace, staying within that 25–45 second length. You may only have time to pick 1–3 scenes realistically.
  4. (Optional) Consider adding 3–5 words text to the beginning 1–4 seconds, capturing the video’s main point
  5. (Optional) Consider captioning your video — Short form content does really well with captions! Veed.io if you AI to caption for you.
  6. Add a short Call-To-Action as an Outro (the last 2–3 seconds) that says “Subscribe”, “New Videos Weekly”, or “Full Video On My Channel”, etc.
  7. Don’t worry about designing a thumbnail because YouTube doesn’t let you change that yet! (🤞🏻)
  8. Upload the video as you would a normal video, adding tags, a description box, captions, end screens, and boom! You’re done. 🎬
  9. Sit back and hope that the YouTube Shorts’ algorithm starts serving you more relevant content soon. 🫠



Video Editor & Creator www.EllevonEditing.com

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