Emily Olson

If you said yes to any of these signs, you may be more ready than you think

1. You feel low on creative energy…

Creative energy (creativity) is not something you can force. Burnout can be very real! Learning how to avoid personal burnout is what business owners and creators have to master for sustainable growth long-term…

Have you read these three film classics?

If you’re a self-taught video editor (like me!), these are THE essential books you need to improve not only in skill, but in creativity and beyond!

1. Story by Robert Mckee

I *definitely* bought this because Will Smith said that everyone who wants to work in entertainment should read it. …

Week 8 of a 12 Week Series on Growth Marketing

Each week for 12 weeks, I am writing about what I am learning through the Growth Marketing Mini-Degree from the CXL Institute. This week, I worked through three courses in Module 5: Maximizing Audiences For Your PPC Campaigns, SEO Driven Editorial Calendar, and LinkedIn Advertising.

Maximizing Audiences For PPC Campaigns

This course was focused on…

Emily Olson

Video Editor & Founder www.EllevonEditing.com

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