Desire It, Receive It: God’s Manifesting Formula

your desires are divine directions whispering the way

Emily Olson


If you want to go somewhere, the first thing you need is a map. 🗺️
The second thing you need is a destination.📍

Think of your desires as your destination, and your map is the inspired actions you take to get there.

Simply, your desires are a map to your destiny.

In order for the map to be useful, the destination has to be clear.📍
Similarly, for the destination to be useful, the map has to be clear. 🗺️

You would never open up a map and have no destination in mind, right? A map is kinda useless without a destination.

Sometimes, you are the one called to create the map, and sometimes, you are the one called to create the destination.

Can you conceive of deciding to go to a destination, or even desiring to go somewhere specific, and then doubting if there is a map that can show you how to get there? Nope.

When you have a desintiation in mind, you always expect you know how to get there. You would know to either look up flights, check Google Maps, or call an Uber. ✈️ 🚕 🗺️

And the choice would be clear and relatively straightforward, just like your desires, and the path to fulfill them can be, as well.

Nature makes it easy. We complicate it.

So, when God gives you a desire, He also always gives you a path to get there. Trust.

Your desires are whispering the way.

You have to have unwavering trust that within every desire lies also a path to its fulfillment.