Here Are The 3 Best AI Image Generators

One Prompt, Three AI Images

Emily Olson
3 min readMay 18, 2023
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In this life, I was not blessed with drawing abilities. This is one of the reasons why I love AI right now.

AI image generators for non-artists feels like getting glasses, contacts, or LASIK surgery after not being able to see well your whole life. You get instant clarity and to see your own creations come to life in HD.

This new technology got me thinking: What would happen if I put the same prompt through 3 different AI image generators?

(I found this prompt⤵️ online and loved it, so I thought I’d share)

Image Prompt: a fashion woman dressed super complex and stylish, insane accessories, gold chains, colorful shapes, cheery, happy colours, vivid, sweet, bright colours, adorable, vibrant, cute, dreamworks, vibrant, neat, 8k ,unreal, hyper-detailed, beautifully color-coded, insane details, beautifully color graded blonde woman shattered glass fashion

Here is what each AI generator came up with when I put that prompt in.

(Note: Each image is the first output, no variations requested)

1. Midjourney 🥇

Hands down the best AI image generator in my opinion is Midjourney.

The images are simply superior. See for yourself how crisp, colorful, and unique this image is!

Also note, there are no glitches, weird features, or distortions that frequently occur with AI images. 👏 Simply stunning.

Created in Midjourney

2. Lexica 🥈

I’ve been using Lexica for a few months now, and it comes up with beautiful and unique images, AND it’s easy to use.

The reason why it’s second place is because, as you can see below, minor distortions still show up. (she appears to have no arm)

Also, the images that Lexica creates are less “realistic” (High-Definition) and more “cartoony.”

But overall, Lexica’s ease of use, creativity, and speed is why I love it.

Made with Lexica

3. DALL·E🥉

I love the hyper-realistic look of the images that DALL·E creates too.

The reason it get’s third place is also due to some distortions it creates. (see her fingers below)

But overall, this AI image generator strikes the balance between high-quality realistic & creative images, and ease-of-use.

Created with DALL·E

Same prompt, 3 different images!

Which is your favorite? Let me know! ✍🏻