How I Decide What Book to Read Next

The simple strategy that keeps me reading year-round

Emily Olson


Every time I finish a book, I have 1 simple rule I follow:

I *immediately* make sure to order and/or download my next book.

Even if I don’t plan on reading it that day, I order it.

This ensures I always have a book ready-to-read (or listen to). It helps me keep momentum. Less decision fatigue!

Here are my best strategies to always having the perfect book on hand:

1. Save-For-Later List on Amazon

One of the best ways to pick a new book is to look at books that have already called to you before! 📞

I buy most books on Amazon, so my “Save-For-Later” tab is filled with books that I am planning on reading next, and most of the time the next book is just one click away… aka “Buy Now.” 😜

2. Keep an Audible Wish List

Along the same lines, I have 20–30 books in my Wish List on Audible that I either want to listen to, or sometimes I buy the physical copy instead.

The key point here is keeping a list, and being able to see what books have resonated with you already.

3. Reading Medium Articles About Books

Medium is a great place to find book recommendations! Why?

Because on Medium, you tend to see not what the masses are reading, but rather, what book-lovers are reading.📚

Browse articles about what others have enjoyed, and also see what your favorite writers are reading.

Another perk: I find really unique recommendations on more niche subjects, like philosophy. (My personal fave.)

4. Asking ChatGPT!

Here’s the prompt:

“I love the book “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer, what other books would you recommend based off this book?”