How I Edit Videos All Day Without Getting Tired 💤

6 Easy Ways to Help Your Creative Energy Show Up Daily

Emily Olson
3 min readJul 7, 2022


1. Have an actual morning routine! ☀️

This can be really simple; mine is just checking my bible app, Journal app, completing a short meditation and workout, and washing my face/getting dressed. This routine can take realistically 20 minutes if I need it to, and the point is to have something that do-able and sustainable. The book Atomic Habits talks about habit stacking, and a morning routine is the perfect place to stack habits right away that lead to more clarity and energy throughout the day.

2. Limit to 1 cup of caffeine (100 mg per day) ☕️

This point used to be a problem for me: when I worked in an office I would regularly have 5+ cups of coffee per day….and then I would CRASH at 2pm. Limiting my coffee to 1 cup, and then switching to kombucha or matcha can do WONDERS for your energy levels throughout the day!

3. Wear blue blockers (especially at night) 👓

It’s pretty well known that blue blockers help protect your eyes, but its especially important at night if you’re looking at electronics to wear them so that your melatonin process can kick in at the right time and not be hindered by the blue lights of a screen. I used to buy really expensive blue blockers, but then I found this two pack on Amazon and I haven’t looked back — they’re jsut as great and the price is right.

4. Create consistently for at least 6 months 🗓

Creating content (in my case, video editing) can be a head game, and I’ve found the magic point at which I stop overthinking all my creative choices is around the 6 month mark in a project. If you’re spending way too much creative energy throughout the day, it can drain you, but waiting it out until that 6 month mark allows you to find a rhythm that can make the process more automatic and thus takes less energy from you each time you sit down to edit or create.

5. Practice intermittent fasting 🍽

I love intermittent fasting and I know it’s not for some people, but pushing back breakfast until the middle of the day has helped me gain creativity and mental clarity in the morning hours, and there’s research on this too! Fasting can help mental clarity because prehistorically, when we hunted and gathered for food, the brain’s natural growth factors would increase when we went without food, which helped us find food.

6. The night before, envision a smooth day of creating! 💭

This one helps ground you before you even attempt your day. If you can take a moment before you fall asleep and envision how your ideal day will go when you wake up, it primes your brain to do just that! This seems simple, but it makes a HUGE difference! Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think. Happy creating! 🤍