How to Easily Share Your Final Cut Pro Edits with Other Mac Users

3 Step Tutorial on Handing Off Final Cut Pro Video Edits to Another User

Emily Olson
2 min readApr 22, 2023

🎬 Watch the video above for a complete tutorial, or follow the steps below!

✨ This is part of my free video editing series on YouTube called “2Torials: Final Cut Pro Tutorials in Under 2 Minutes”, you can watch them all here.

STEP 1: Copy Original Files to Library File

To transfer a project file in Final Cut Pro, you must first ensure that the original files are copied to the Library file.

  • To do this, go to Final Cut Pro’s preferences, select “Import”, and check the “Copy to library storage location” option. If you did not have this setting checked before editing, you’ll need to create a new Library with this default preference and copy your project to it.

STEP 2: Delete Render Files

To save space and time when transferring, you can delete the Render files in your Library file.

  • To do this, open Final Cut Pro X, select the Library file, and go to “File” then “Delete Generated Library Files” and select “Delete Render Files” and “All”. This will delete the files and they will re-render automatically when the next editor opens the project.

PART 3: Send the Library File

To send the Library file, you will need to compress it into a Zipped file format.

  • To do this, open Finder, go to the “Movies” folder, right-click on the Library file you want to compress and select “Compress”. You can then send the compressed file to another editor via a platform like Dropbox, which allows for large file transfers. The recipient can then unzip the file and open it in Final Cut Pro, where the rendering process will restart.

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