How to Hire a Video Editor 🎬 in 2022

After 7 years of video editing, the number one fear I hear most often is this: “But how can I trust someone else with my footage?!?!?”

Video editing can *most definitely* be one of the most time-consuming stages of content creation. Are you feeling like you are nearing the end of your creative rope: trying to plan, film, AND edit your videos all at once? (Here are 4 signs you’re REALLY ready to hire a video editor.)

“How can I find someone I can vibe with and trust?”

Good question! Here are the essentials for finding your perfect match video editor the first time.

I repeat!: Don’t spend tons of time interviewing and testing editors; save yourself time and $$$ and answer these 4 questions first:

Let’s Define: What does *Video Editing* usually include?

The video edit occurs in the last step of the 3-step video creation process: the Post-Production stage. It’s useful to know that in addition to cutting and arranging footage, a video editor may also provide other post-production specialties like adding music, visual effects, special effects, mastering sound, and color grading. As a general tip when interviewing an editor: be sure to ask what is included in each edit!

For my creators, I send them a simple one-page PDF that covers what is included in each edit, turnaround times, and video rates, so they have everything all in one place!

Now let’s back up: you will want to answer these 4 questions before even hopping on the call with a video editor:

1. “How Many Videos Per Week/Month Do I Want To Produce?”

Come up with a ballpark estimate for how many videos per week or month you’d like to post so you can be on the same page with your video editor before you get started working together. Why? Some editors can handle 12 videos a month, and others only have capacity for a few (3–4) more videos per month, so it’s smart to check.

2. “How Fast Do I Need Turnaround Times For My Edits?”

Do you usually film ahead of time (or batch film?) or do you need edits on short turnaround within a day or two? Ask about their turnaround time and (if needed) ask if they have rush rates if you need faster edits sometimes (a common example: a last-minute brand approval deadline).

3. “Can This Editor Elevate My Style?”

Before you get on the phone, check out their work and some of their clients. Can they elevate what you’re already creating and truly enhance your brand, helping you go to the next level?

*Another helpful thing to keep in mind that no one talks about: Editors have “niches” they edit within, so finding someone who understands your style and your content is a bonus that will pay off in spades.

4. “How Can I Trust Someone Else With My Raw Footage?!?!?!?”

Most people find the biggest hurtle to finding a video editor is just finding someone they can be themselves in front of and not feel judged in the creative process.

“I start and stop filming so much…I always mess up my takes!” — everyone
“I am afraid to show someone my raw filming process!” — most people (everyone)

This goes back to point 2: find someone you vibe with in terms of personality, and that will make you feel more at ease, and secondly: don’t judge your own creative process! Everyone messes up a million times when filming. The creative process is messy and we all know that!

*Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask if they’re willing to sign an NDA if you have projects that require sensitivity. It’s a standard question that most editors expect!

So, are you ready to offload editing and elevate your videos?




Video Editor & Founder

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Emily Olson

Emily Olson

Video Editor & Founder

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