How To Make A YouTube Channel That Actually Works

Make your channel stand out

  • Your title should benefit the viewer: “5 Fashion Trends for 2022”
  • You need good thumbnails (and they’re important): “Wedding Makeup Tips — 5 Easy Looks For Your Big Day”
  • You need videos that are better than others: high quality, well edited, and above all else, informative.

What to upload

How to know if you’re successful on YouTube?

  • Is your title catchy? Titles should speak to your audience in an easy-to-understand manner. It should also be something that makes people want to click and watch the video.
  • Is your thumbnail eye-catching? The thumbnail is the first thing people see when they’re scrolling through their feed or searching for a specific topic.
  • Is your content engaging? You want viewers to stay engaged in the content throughout the entire video. A good way to do this is by using humor and relevant memes and GIFs in the beginning of the video so viewers feel compelled to continue watching.

A Note On Going Viral




Video Editor & Founder

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Emily Olson

Emily Olson

Video Editor & Founder

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