Introverts: Why You Should Consider Being a Video Editor

As an introvert, do you ever wonder how you fit into the creative social media landscape? Hi I’m Emily and I am reallllly introverted and am here to tell you that you can thrive and be a full-time content creator at the same time, it just may not look how you think…

1. All my YouTube friends need video editors.

For the past couple of years, I have had to turn a lot of people down & I’m always hearing “I am always looking for editors. Where are all the editors??” It’s a fairly new space, YouTube is kind of like the wild wild west right now. Filming a video is just ONE part of the creative process, while post-production is a whole other beast, and that’s where good editing comes in. We need more video editors!

2. As a video editor, part of your job is to do things that spark your creativity.

Do things that light you up and inspire you, and have fun! The videos I edit always (and I mean always) turn out better when I take care of and nurture my creative energy. For you, maybe that means weekend boundaries (no work on weekends), or a weekly hike or beach trip out in nature. Because your spirit is closely connected to your creative energy, focus on bringing more creative vibes into your life. When you thrive, your work thrives.

3. Another part of editing is research.

You get to watch YouTube! Notice the nuances in different editing styles, notice the humor, the coloring, the music. What is your style? What do you enjoy watching? Take notes on which videos you could see yourself editing, or for what channel would be a dream of yours to edit for. Write these things down!

4. Video editing is introvert-lifestyle approved:

Let’s bust the myth that you need to be outgoing or highly extroverted to create content on YouTube, or any platform for that matter. I thrive as a video editor specifically because I’m not showing up on camera every day, rather I get to tap into my deep-work abilities that my hardcore introversion offers. Lean into your strengths and believe that there is a seat at the table for you.🎬

If you’re interested in learning about how I edit videos, you can check out my beginner’s video editing course for YouTube here. Have questions? Leave them below!




Video Editor & Founder

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Emily Olson

Emily Olson

Video Editor & Founder

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