Learn Final Cut Pro Fast: 6 Tutorials Under 2 Minutes Each

One of the most annoying things on the internet (to me) is how long video editing tutorials can be.

I am not patient! Which is why I created these β€œ2Torials”, which live up to their name: you learn an essential Final Cut Pro skill in under 2 minutes.

No fluff, just skills.

Saving you time & creative energy!

Tutorial: How to Copy & Paste Effects in Final Cut Pro *Easy*
Tutorial: Send Your Edit to Another Final Cut Pro or Mac *3 Steps*
Tutorial: *New* Motion Tracking in Final Cut Pro (Free & No Plugins!)
Tutorial: How to Edit Multiple Camera Angles in Final Cut Pro *Very Easy*
Tutorial: How to Clone Yourself in Final Cut Pro *Free No Plug-ins*
Tutorial: How to Use Green Screen in Final Cut Pro *For Beginners*

Want to see all 2Torials? Here’s a playlist!



Video Editor & Creator www.EllevonEditing.com

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