My *Aesthetic* YouTuber Starter Pack

After 8 years as a video editor on YouTube, I am constantly seeing and testing new equipment (which *always* includes scouring the reviews on Amazon.) Along with the best software, these are Amazon’s hero products in my opinion that will ease-fully get you started on your YouTube journey…aesthetically of course. 🤍

I am very visual, and I also like to travel, so I need my entire setup to be:
1. professional
2. beautiful
3. and portable.


10 Inch Adjustable Ring Light:

I love this because it has every light setting I need, a built in remote, it’s height adjustable (I’m 5'10 and it’s plenty tall), has 30 brightness settings along with 3 warn and cool tones, and the best part of all: it folds up, making it completely portable and small-space friendly. For filming, I recommend a larger ring light (at least 10 inches) because it casts a larger light, making the complexion appear much more even than smaller ring lights.

Ring light folded up for travel or storage


Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera:

I always recommend using your phone or whatever you have laying around as a camera for the first few videos, but if you know you’re in it for the long-haul, the best vlogging camera backed by most YouTubers is the Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii. Why? It has the famous flippable viewfinder that lets you see exactly what you look like in-frame. Another reason YouTubers rave about it is the auto-focus is superior, and quiet. Lastly, it’s durable: I’ve had mine for 8 years, and I still love it.


Image Courtesy of

AND CUT! No YouTube setup is complete without editing software. If you’re working on a Mac, Final Cut Pro is my favorite for editing all my videos. While you can start on iMovie, you’ll eventually want to move to Final Cut Pro as you progress because it has much more capability, while still being user friendly. And, unlike it’s competitor Adobe Premiere, there is no monthly fee: I bought Final Cut Pro once back in 2014, and I get free software upgrades for life. It’s paid for itself a million times over and is worth it IMO!

Try Final Cut Pro free for 90 days here:

🎬 Learning to edit videos? Consider taking a weekend video editing course that cuts out the technical learning curve:



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