My Honest Review: Amanda Frances’ Money Mentality Makeover

from a self-proclaimed course junkie

Emily Olson
4 min readJan 24, 2024
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I’m kind of a course junkie. I love taking them, creating them, and reviewing them!

Over the years, I’ve taken marketing courses (from CXL), law courses from Harvard (the free ones!), and even Pinterest courses!

But until last year, I had never invested in a high-ticket course before.

(For the purposes of this article, let’s say high ticket is anything above $1000.)

I always justified a few hundred dollars to help accelerate my learning and collapse timelines, but a few thousand? That was hard to wrap my head around.

I stumbled upon Amanda Frances’ work through her book Rich as F*ck and had so many “aha” moments that I thought,

Wow, I need to consume more of this woman’s content. This was awesome, fun, and relatable.

I liked her teaching style, the way she lived in Santa Barbara (where we are planning to move next year), and her authenticity towards the subject of money.

She seemed to effortlessly unlock new ways of thinking for me in a way that no other money teacher had.

I’ve also read lots of money books, but most of them were written by men in the 1900’s. (The Science of Getting Rich, Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Millionaire Next Door, etc).

These books are amazing, and they helped me up-level my thinking, but it was hard to relate.

I’m a mom, business owner, and homeschool teacher to my kids. I needed actionable things that I could apply to my life.

I needed a female, modern perspective amid this traditionally male-dominated field. 💵

That’s when I saw Amanda talking about her program Money Mentality Makeover on Instagram.

At first, I went through the sales page for MMM and thought,

“Wow, the testimonials on this program are insane.”

There were hundreds of them.

Amanda even says inside the course that she doesn’t ask for testimonials, people just send them.

Many of them said that MMM changed their life in big ways.

I wish I could say it was some massive sign that I got to join the course (Amanda always says “your desires are safe guidance,”), but over the next few days, I found myself just really desiring to dive into this course.

Even though I had worked on my money mentality for the past 3–4 years at this point, and I didn’t know if I would learn anything new since I was also not new to spirituality (one of my other favorite subjects).

Nonetheless, one morning in October, I decided to join!

First of all, the amount of pre-work and bonuses you get for this course is truly crazy.

You get these full courses as bonuses:

I dove into the pre-work and realized what probably most people realize when they invest in higher ticket offers: You get more.

It’s like getting to spend 20+ hours with Amanda and witness all the different facets and money mindset journeys that she went on.

Being in Amanda’s energy field for that long was like a key to unlocking money myths and blocks I didn’t even know I had. It felt effortless, too.

I was excitedly looking forward to learning every single day, which I honestly can’t say the same for other courses I’ve taken!

Now let’s back up a bit and talk about self-education in the online space. 👩🏼‍🏫

The formula for success in any subject includes mastering the Energy + the Strategy. Simple.

I quickly realized I was really good at taking “Strategy” courses, which give you actionable step-by-step processes, like ‘How to Set Up Facebook Ads’.

But I had not taken a course that was focused on the Energy. And getting your Energy right first will lead you to the right Strategy.

Energy + Strategy = Longterm Success

Money Mentality Makeover permeated my life over the next few weeks as I listened to it in the background of everything I was doing (laundry, cooking, painting).

And within the first module, I understood how this course was going to collapse major timelines for me for….ever.

This course wasn’t going to just help me now, but like, in 50 years too.

That’s what the right Energy does. It sets you on a completely new path, full of new Strategies you had never even considered.

I realized I was hilariously naive to think I “might not learn anything” because I ended up learning like 10 things with every module I moved through.

Every time I finished a module I had about 5 new good ideas to implement in my business. That was unexpected!

The right energy lead me to the right strategy almost effortlessly.

Money Mentality Makeover changed my approach to my overall strategy in my business, and opened up new avenues I hadn’t even considered before.

But more importantly, I was able to scale my business faster because I was ready for it due to what I had learned in the course.

I re-listen to modules all the time, I enjoy the community aspect in the app, and I am excited to invest in more high ticket offers now because I know how they work, and how much transformation they create.

If you’re on the fence and you feel that internal pull, take it as the sign!

If you want a taste of what you get in the course in the form of free bonus trainings + meditations, here’s a special referral link to get on the waitlist next time it opens.

Leave any questions below and I’ll be sure to answer you! 💸

p.s. if you want to sign up now and skip the waitlist + open enrollment, here’s a link to the order form page.