New Final Cut Pro for iPad: Is It Worth It?

Emily Olson
3 min readMay 25, 2023

Final Cut Pro for iPad was NOT on my bingo card for 2023! But alas, on May 23rd, Apple released a Final Cut Pro app for the iPad. Launching along with a LOT of brand new features! Let’s check them out:

*NEW* Final Cut Pro for iPad: Good, Bad, Worth it?

Final Cut Pro for iPad NEW Features:

Introducing Final Cut Pro for iPad, a revolutionary tool that unlocks new workflows for video creators with an all-new touch interface and intuitive tools.

  • All-New Touch Interface: Final Cut Pro’s all-new touch interface streamlines editing with an intuitive design. The touch interface makes navigation of the Magnetic Timeline easy and allows for fast, frame-accurate edits with just the tap of a finger.
  • Live Drawing with Apple Pencil: Draw and write directly on top of video content using Apple Pencil. On the iPad Pro with M2, Apple Pencil hover allows you to skim and preview footage without touching the screen.
  • Compatible with Magic Keyboard & Smart Keyboard Folio: Speed up your workflows by adding a Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio to utilize key commands.
  • HDR Video Viewing & Editing: Final Cut Pro for iPad supports HDR video, letting you take advantage of the Liquid Retina XDR display on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and apply color grades with precision using Reference Mode.
  • Pro Camera Mode & Multicam Video Editing: Take full control over video creation with Pro Camera mode, which allows for manual control of settings like focus, exposure, and white balance. Multicam video editing enables automatic synchronization and editing of clips together.
  • Machine Learning: Utilize the power of Apple silicon and machine learning to expedite editing tasks. With Scene Removal Mask, quickly remove or replace the background in a clip without using a green screen. Auto Crop adjusts footage for various aspect ratios, and Voice Isolation removes background noise from audio captured in the field.
  • Library of Professional Graphics, Effects, & Audio: Enhance storytelling with a wide range of professional graphics, effects, and audio options. These include HDR backgrounds, customizable animated patterns, and professional soundtracks that adjust automatically to the video length.
  • Import & Export Capabilities: Import media from Files or Photos, and save it directly inside a Final Cut Pro project. Import projects created in iMovie for iOS and export Final Cut Pro projects to Mac for versatile editing workflows.

⚡️System Requirements: You need an iPad with either an M1 or M2 processor, which means it’s only compatible with the most recent generation of the iPad Air, and the 5th and 6th-generation iPad Pro models. Final Cut Pro is not supported by other latest-generation iPads, including the 6th-gen iPad mini.

The new wave of video editing with Final Cut Pro for iPad is here!
What do you think about the new app for iPad? Will you be using it?