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Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack (Review)

Week 11 of a 12 Week Series on Growth Marketing

  • What is support for the tool like? High-quality support is a must.
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Does it integrate with other tools I use?
  • How can we track our users in the tool?
  1. Comparing Tools
    With over 8000 tools available, how do we choose which tools are best for us in each category? It feels impossible to sift through all the options! The tool helps compare apps, including reviews, and gives you a snapshot of how the app’s customer’s are interacting with the company.
  2. Create a Wireframe
    Create a visual map of how your data flows through each app, and which apps are more dependent on others. Being able to see visually how your data is flowing in and out of your business really gives you a visual way of seeing how the tech stack is “working”.

So how do we analyze our data like a boss?

  1. Client-Side Tracking: When the browser of the user is sending the tracking information to the tools. This is most common for marketers.
  2. Server-Side Tracking: When something is sent to the server and the server is the one who professes the data and sends it through an API to the downstream tool.

1. Lead Generation Tools: services which already have the lead information and you are using filters, triggers and manual labor to sort through and find the leads you.

2. Lead Capture Tools: Lead capture tools are things you may add to your site, web properties or trade shows booths to allow users to self submit their information. Most commonly done using forms and landing pages.

Capturing email addresses (or leads) is essential to running any business. Not only does “owning” your own data great for the changing markets, but it’s time-tested way to directly communicate with your dream customer. As such, it’s important to partner with tools that can help us generate more leads, that lead to happy customers.

  • What does the sales and marketing team need?
  • Does it provide revenue?
  • How popular is this tool?
  • What other pieces of information does it give you?

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