The Best Video Editors of 2024

A Comprehensive Guide for Every Creator 🏆

Emily Olson


All year I’ve been gathering my favorite editing tools, all for this list! 🎁

And this year, I added 5 new categories! Now including AI and iPad editing.

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, and no matter what device you’re using, I’ve got the perfect software for you:

🏆 🆓 Best Free Video Editor for PC: DaVinci Resolve

For PC users looking for a powerful, free option, DaVinci Resolve is a no-brainer. It’s packed with pro features that rival its expensive counterparts, all at zero cost.

🏆🆓 Best Free Video Editor for Mac: iMovie

iMovie remains the go-to free editor for quick, user-friendly edits.
And it’s already installed on your Mac, making it perfect for beginners.

🏆🛜 Best Online Video Editor for PC & Mac:

If you like to edit in your browser, is your best bet for both PC and Mac. It’s all online, meaning no downloads necessary, and you can share your work with other’s easily, and it’s incredibly intuitive for users of all levels. I personally love their auto-captioning!