Want to Be More Creative? Try Digital Minimalism!

9 Easy Ways to Instantly Reclaim Time & Creative Energy

Emily Olson
3 min readMay 11


In a world where the internet consumes our work lives, finding digital boundaries becomes paramount, especially for those of us who spend our days fully immersed in it. (It’s me, hi!👋)

Over the past 5 years I’ve realized the more boundaries I have in my digital life, the happier I am.

And the best part is that you don’t need to make sweeping changes to experience the peace that comes with practicing digital minimalism.

Challenge yourself to try out just a few of these tips that have helped me; take what resonates & leave the rest!

1. Unsubscribe & Unleash:

Unsubscribe from or move-to-spam any emails that aren’t relevant to your goals and who you want to become.

Do this every time you get an email you don’t want, and over the next few months you will only start to get emails that are really truly exciting & meant for you!

2. Bid Farewell to Toxic Apps:

Social media is fun only if you’re on the right apps.

  • Test yourself: If you don’t get caught up doom scrolling, than keep the app. (for me, Pinterest and YouTube are healthy apps)
  • But if you can’t stop scrolling and feeling bad afterwards, delete the app. (For me, TikTok and Instagram stay off my phone since I can’t stop scrolling.)
  • Tip: If you have to post on social media, just post & ghost!
    Download the app, post, and delete the app!

3. Swap Games for Gains:

Instead of (only) mindlessly swiping away at addictive cell phone games, consider using your phone in ways that don’t need the screen.

Instead, listen to an audiobook or podcast or listen to music!

These things don’t require your eyes to be following the screen and allows you to be present while consuming content. Plus, you learn things!

4. Morning Pages for Inner Connection:

When we’re on social media, we’re basically searching for one thing: connection.

But what if you could feel connected without logging onto Instagram?

“The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron talks about writing 3 non-negotiable, hand-written pages in the morning. Why????

Because this simple exercise connects you to your inner self, satisfying the desire to connect that often leads to endless Instagram scrolling.

5. Picture Perfect Purge:

Make it a daily habit to delete a set number of photos — 100, 50, or 20 — that no longer serve a purpose.

I do this once a year for about a month straight. You only have to do this one for 30 days to see a HUGE difference.

Embrace the freedom of a clutter-free camera roll, and cherish the memories that truly matter.

6. Tidy Up Your Digital Notes:

Organize or clear out your notes app to avoid the mental clutter caused by jumbled thoughts.

Create folders to neatly categorize your ideas, tasks, and inspiration.
A tidy digital workspace sparks creativity.

7. App Spring Cleaning:

Bid farewell to apps that you haven’t used for the past six months.

If you can’t bring yourself to delete, remove them from your home screen, and just search for them the next time you need them.

8. Voicemail Vanishing Act:

Clear out those old voicemails that serve no purpose other than taking up precious digital space.

Also, you can enable a spam blocker to shield yourself from bothersome calls, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

9. Screen Time Audit:

We’ve all been there: appalled at our weekly screen time report… due to usually 2–3 culprit apps.

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to assessing your screen time.

Take a close look at which apps devour your valuable minutes and be brave enough to bid farewell to the biggest time-drainers.

Even practicing one or two of these things, you will find with newfound time, energy, and mental clarity.

Remember, less is more, and your creative endeavors will thank you for it!